Wednesday, January 31, 2007

California Road Jargon

This morning on Columbia Parekway (US 50), Jen told me that if I had to drive on it, the commute wouldn't be so bad. Despite traffic lights, she proudly announced that she was still "packing in 60!"

"Packing in!"

Botox Bombs

The Boston Bomb Squad (Baaahstin Baaahm Sqwaaaahd)just blew up a mysterious package on Interstate 93 in Charlestown, MA.

That's the 2nd "mysterious package" I've heard of recently being blown up on an Interstate Highway.

In December, a bomb was discovered on an Interstate 71 overpass in Norwood, OH.

I wonder why someone would want to destroy beauteous macadam? If the bomb went off, would it be considered terrorism or destructive criticism? Roads are always improved when incidents cause them to be rebuilt...